K.L. Glanville has worked with kids of all ages for over 25 years, both formally and informally. As a former grade school teacher and editor turned writer/business woman, she enjoys bringing creativity, fun and professionalism into her speaking engagements.

Over the years, she has traveled through more than 30 countries on six continents. This has given her a broad perspective on cultures and life beyond what we normally see and experience in the West. She weaves this experience into her writing as well as her speaking.

Author & CEO: Karissa (KL) Glanville

Plan for Her Visit

Guest Speaking

K.L. Glanville enjoys opportunities to speak to young people of all ages. If you would like her to speak to your school, classroom, library or group, she can come in person or interact over the internet via Skype or FaceTime. She can speak to children or adults of any age. Lesson plans are available at www.KLGlanville.com/educators

Possible Speaking Topics

* What is it like to be an author? (Career Days, etc.)
* Reading from one or more of her books
* Writing Fiction (A variety of topics that can be tailored to age and audience and can include writing exercises)
* How sci-fi books can help you think about current issues
* Pursuing your dreams
* Poverty, children around the world, and how to make a difference

* How to take children's spirituality seriously

* Mentoring and releasing teenagers into their destinies (hint: rebellion isn't a developmental stage)
* Combine or suggest a topic!